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Find Your Inner Badass is a three-month foundational group
program created and led by Kris Chau, Entrepreneur Coach.

This signature program is designed for service-based solopreneurs who are in the first two years of business and are feeling stuck. This will help you will gain clarity around your purpose, change your mindset to overcome fears, build up your confidence, and take you from wishing to actualizing your goals. By joining an intimate group, you will have the benefit of shared wisdom as you all work towards common goals in this structured, step-by-step program. Enrollment is ongoing with new cohorts starting quarterly. 


What You Will Gain

  • Clarity around your purpose and define your "why".

  • Alignment with your brand and ideal client.

  • Overcome your fears and doubts to adopt a growth mindset to say "yes" to more opportunities.

  • Know your value to confidently communicate your worth and charge appropriately for your work.

  • Tools, systems and habits to help with your success.


Be Part of a Community

  • There are twelve weeks of calls that provide an opportunity for peer-to -peer learning in an intimate setting. 

  • Calls have a 90-minute duration to review current week goals and challenges.

  • Benefits of group coaching including developing support and trust amongst like-minded people, shared resources, celebration of wins and accountability. 


Onboarding and Bonus Session

  • You will participate in a 30-minute group onboarding call with fellow entrepreneurs and Kris Chau, Entrepreneur Coach .

  • You will receive a bonus 60-minute private 1:1 coaching call with Kris Chau, Entrepreneur Coach. This coaching call must be booked within one month of completing the program.  


Ongoing Support and Resources

  • Slack is a communication tool that is efficient and easy to use oppose to email.

  • You will receive direct Slack support from Kris Chau, Entrepreneur Coach throughout the full program.

  • All workbooks for the program will be found in Slack.

  • There is opportunity to build community with other entrepreneurs outside of the program. Use this to network for potential collaborations, ask for peer advice, share any events or promotions and have fun.


Success Story

Kris is super empathic, caring and relatable. I love her non-judgmental listening and how she is accepting of everyone. Working with Kris feels like talking to a friend who deeply wants the best for you. She made me realize some of my flaws were a blessing to me. I had a rough time with my self-esteem and Kris always nudged me into seeing my inner badass. 


I spoke to her 5 months ago. Prior to launching my own business, I remembered her words "You are more ready than you think. This is why." She translated my strengths into readiness. She believed in me so much more than I did. If you are stuck and have a mental block to kick start your entrepreneurial journey, talk to Kris. Seriously.

Sandy Z.
Toronto, Canada

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