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Find Your Inner Badass is a three-month foundational group
program created and led by Kris Chau, Entrepreneur Coach.

This signature program is designed for service-based solopreneurs who are in the first two years of business and are feeling stuck. This will help you will gain clarity around your purpose, change your mindset to overcome fears, build up your confidence, and take you from wishing to actualizing your goals. By joining an intimate group, you will have the benefit of shared wisdom as you all work towards common goals in this structured, step-by-step program. Enrollment is ongoing with new cohorts starting quarterly. 

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Define Who You Are 

  • Weeks one through four will help you define who you are and what you stand for.


  • Identify your core values that will help with decision-making and gain clarity on your purpose.

  • Overcome your fears and reduce your self-doubt to build confidence to command the attention you deserve.

  • Create lasting change with empowering thoughts through a personalized meditation, which is key to believing your worth and success.


  • Define your story and find the gift in it. You will take your newfound confidence to share this story. Unapologetically own who you are.


Your Dream

  • Weeks five through eight will help you redefine your dream business.


  • Learn how to use visualization techniques to define your dream business vividly and intentionally.


  • Master the power of healthy habits related to your values and goals that will fuel your success.


  • Build out your knowledge and experience arsenal and identify  any gaps and tools to add. This will help you illustrate your Personal Value Proposition.


  • Define your goals in a SMART way - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based.


Make It
All Happen

  • Weeks nine through twelve will help you make it all happen and keep you on track.


  • Start celebrating your wins, even the small ones. I will be here to remind you of them and cheer you on.


  • Channel your focus by learning how to block out outside distractions so you have designated time to spend on the special projects and people in your life.


  • Have accountability check-ins on habits and business goals. Each week we will review where you are, and what next steps are required.


  • Learn how to get unstuck and continue with forwarding momentum, even if you have doubts.

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