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Kris' Story

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Entrepreneurs are continually faced with challenges and opportunities that may change their journey in unexpected ways. Sometimes these are a result of self-reflection, and sometimes these are a result of circumstances beyond our control.


As a seasoned entrepreneur, I understand what it is like to see your business impacted by external factors and the internal conflict that can ensue in its aftermath. In one fell swoop, my thriving event business of ten years was decimated due to the pandemic. A festival launch I had been working on for two years had sponsors pulling out and I was scrambling to reschedule dates and pivot to online events. I fell into old patterns of fear and self-doubt and I tried to mask it by staying busy.

When I stopped to breathe and gain clarity, I realized I was being presented a gift. I had the opportunity to reimagine my career and my life. You have this gift as well.

By the fall of 2020, I started my coaching journey. I sold off my belongings and my partner and I moved from Toronto, Canada to the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. Every day I wake up to beautiful surroundings and enjoy a slower pace of life, something I have always dreamed of. This lifestyle change has given me space and clarity to create what is truly important to me.

My values are rooted in integrity, love and service. As a woman of colour, I am a feminist who is working to dismantle the patriarchy. I strive to be anti-racist and combat white supremacy by having open dialogue and learning to be a better ally. I believe that LGBTQ+ lives are equal, and differently-abled people are a gift. I stand for human rights and equality for all in my life and in my service to others. I will always speak up for those who cannot. 


These values and beliefs are a reflection of who I am and fuels what I do. I make a difference by helping you gain clarity around your purpose, help rework your mindset to overcome fears and help you create an action plan that takes you from wishing to actualizing your dreams. 


We all have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and realize the endless possibilities available when we believe in who we are and what we do. Unapologetically own who you are. You are the creator of your life and business. I am your guide.


I look forward to building a meaningful connection with you here and beyond.

Much love always,

Kris xo




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